It Never Dies

I tought – at first – after the final book, the Deathly Hallows released in 2007, and its film in the deathly hallows pt.2  in 2011 came out, Harry Potter will be Forgotten by everyone. just like recently cinemas, when its the time to bloom, everyone make a ruckus out of it. After the season changed, the crowd disappear. I hate to think it that way, actually, because i like Harry Potter so much. I still remember the first time I know this story, it was when i was in 4th grade elementary school. After my father passed away, and my cousins that lived quite far at that time brought the CD player. Almost everyday we watched the film, from a general cartoon to Indonesian horror. Until they played Harry Potter film 2: Chamber of Secrets. After watching it, I keep asking them to played it again and again. So selfish of me, haha.

But, thanks to that, i’m becoming a book worm, who you can talk any book with, either novel, comic, or even science fiction. And thanks to that too, i met with the other book-worm friends of mine, yet stylish and do everything they wanted–just typical bad kids, haha. We bet about the next story of Harry Potter, we argued who is the most cool character, we competed to memorize the spell as many as we can. Silly things that only we did back then. I also remember being scolded by my mother and sisters because i kept reading the book, almost forget the time and study. Why to that extent? I wanted to show to my other book-worm friend i was faster at reading than them, haha. Remembering that, I keep smiling. Ah, how fortunate I am to have such friends, to have such passions, which part of my own history. And now, knowing we keep living on our own way of life, make me even wonder, how fast the time flies. How life make us grown up from time to time.

Just then, several minutes ago, i randomly searching in the browser, typed Harry Potter. And then a bunch of information piled up. I decided to click on the J.K Rowling site: As expected from one of the Billionaire woman in the britain, the site itself is amazing. I never been in touch with this site before, so I’m quite mesmerized. I also remember the me who took J.K Rowling as one of the best author in my mind. I was fascinated by her experienced, how tough her life, and all the things she has gone trough before becoming succes like today. And even i really love the fact that she got the idea trough her own experience. Like the idea of Platform 9 3/4 and the schools train came when she got in the train and has to be stopped in the way. Instead of get the boring story, she was inspired by it. Also the Dementor idea came from her depressing story to lost one of the beloved person, her mother. At the same time, she has to broke up with her husband, leaving her with her children that just born. Then she was diagnosed by the clinical depression – kind of disease that happen in your life (i’m not sure about it, please google it by yourself). Thats why she created the creature called Dementor, the source of depression, unhappily life, hopeless feeling. It can bring you to death slowly, by eating your souls.

That’s why, I’m quite surprised when found out that her website is still alive, eventough almost 5 years ago the series ended. Oops, sorry i forget about the Casual Vacancy – Which i still haven’t read. I want to, but i have dont have enough time right now (when i started to feel like want to read again, i dont have the chance). Yeah, that’s why Harry potter leaves such a good memories. The story is not a cheap one, i has deep feeling, deep meaning. The time Harry Potter grew up is when the time i grew up too. I find it motivating, depressing, yet refreshing and dreaming. Yes, it never dies. Just like my memories with my friends back then, it will never dies.



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